Letter going to Bad Lamp owners

This is the letter going to homeowners that have street lamps that are not currently functioning correctly.


Dear Homeowner,

In the past the HOA has tried to address several ongoing issues. One most noticeable issue is the failing gas lamps. Our development was designed without street lights relying on the home owners individual gas lamps in their place. Our development has a large number of gas lamps which are currently not working. We are aware of the high dollar repair bills that some of you may face to repair these. On May 19th 2011 the board unanimously voted to approve a change in the Association by laws to help the home owners fix this issue. We approve two types of replacement lamps only. In September 2015 the board unanimously approved a low voltage option and eliminated the solar option as an alternative and targeted an April 30th fix date. As you may not be aware you are required to have the lamp in functioning order and in use from sundown to sun up. The HOA has the right to make enforce this and

Two styles of electric lamps from Wave Lighting the Saxony #412 with frosted glass and #116F from the Colonial Collection.

Saxony #412:


Colonial Collection #116F:


More information regarding these two choices can be found at:

For those people who need information on find replacement mantels, they are available in the sporting goods section at Kmart and are the Coleman Gold Top replacement lantern mantels 4 pack for $5.99.

You are receiving this because your house came up as having a non-function and or not in operation lamp.

Call Al, the HOA suggested contractor, at 440-221-7398 to schedule your replacement today!

Thank you for your cooperation as always you can contact us at BenjaminFarmsHOA.org Please request to join the Benjamin Farm HOA’s private Facebook group for updated information on current events, meeting notes etc