Annual Dues

2016 Annual Dues

The 2016 annual dues of $169.62 were due April 30, 2016.

How to Submit Your Dues

  • Make checks payable to: Benjamin Farm Homeowners Association.
  • Mail payment to: Benjamin Farm HOA, P. O. Box 1161, Brunswick, OH  44212
  • Include your home’s address on the check, so we know which property the dues are for.
  • Late payments may receive an additional $5 administration fee plus interest added each month the payment is overdue.
  • Account more than 60 days due will be forwarded to collections where additional fees will be accumulated. Liens will be placed against severely late homes in order to protect the interests of the association.
  • Transfer fees of $150 are imposed when transferring property to another party (when selling your house).

Background of Annual Dues

By purchasing your home in Benjamin Farm, you freely agreed to the terms of our bylaws and the dues associated with living in a neighborhood governed by BFHOA.

Based on the New Ohio Association laws and the large number of non-paying homeowners in the past, we have enacted a collection policy and have designated our attorneys as having the authority to execute liens, foreclosures, and collection procedures.

Annual Dues are due April 30 each year.

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