Meeting Notes 5/3/2017

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM, May 3, 2017, at the Brunswick Library.

Roll Call

  • Attendance: Lou DeCuzzi, Toby Foote, Deby Geyer, Jason Sarris, Nick Galioto, Kristen Goggins, Linda Guinta, Dale Innocenti, Carole Porter, John Tin Mak
  • Not in Attendance: No one

Reading of Previous Meeting Notes

The previous meeting’s notes were ready aloud and unanimously approved.

Old Business

  • Collections
  • Lamp posts

New Business

  • Facebook group – HOA doesn’t want any part of it, trustees are not to be involved
  • By-law change – discuss concerns
  • Outsource collection of dues – Association Books has product for this
  • Laptop purchase for QuickBooks – approved up to $350
  • Right of First Refusal Charge raised from $150 to $250

New Business we ran out of time to discuss (carry-over to next meeting)

  • BFHOA Contact the Board messages from residents


  • None at this time.


The meeting was adjourned. Next Meeting: 8/2/17