Meeting Minutes 1/20/2016

Quarterly Meeting Minutes 1/20/16

We read the previous meeting minutes.


  • In attendance: Lou DeCuzzi, Toby Foote, Deby Geyer, Linda Guinta, Kristen Goggins, John Tin Mak
  • Not in attendance: Nick Galioto, Jennifer Skomski
  • 9th board member empty slot


  • FYI – If resident is $500 in back dues, a lien is placed on property
  • FYI – If resident is $1000 in back dues, property is sent into foreclosure
  • Every collections expense incurred by a resident is passed onto the offending homeowner
  • Remind – Last year we agreed via vote to increase dues 4% (maximum allowable)
  • 922 Edgar Ln foreclosure – wrote off this debt, but may still receive later

Parks Report

  • Path refinishing – this is complete
  • Basketball court – Lou to ask Jim Marks about fixing this

Other old business

  • Gas lamps – List of offending lamp posts listed by Lou on our Facebook page
  • Gas lamps – solar lamps no longer an approved option, as they are not bright enough
  • Gas lamps – notifying residents via postal mail by 2/5/2016 that they’re lamp isn’t working and we will be fixing it if they don’t fix it by April due date, and resident will be responsible for paying (including Jim Marks’ labor rate)
  • Fast traffic on Benjamin – Slow Children At Play sign was not ordered yet. Lou will order.
  • Facebook sign – Not purchased yet, but Lou will order
  • BBQ grills – Nothing wrong with grills, we are keeping as-is

New business

  • Lou and Toby renewed as trustees in president and vice-president roles on board
  • Beaver dam removal in 2011-ish; the Beavers are back
  • Landscaping contrac with Jim Marks is complete; Jim proposed 3-year contract, board unanimously approved with contingencies
  • Trees trimmed in front entrance-way of park
  • Dogs running loose – If residents see free-roaming pets, please call Brunswick Animal Control
  • Pet poop – Discussion occurred about pet feces in parks areas