Meeting Minutes 10/7/2015

2015 Annual Meeting

Prior to the Annual Meeting, the Board of Trustees for Benjamin Farm Homeowners Association convened a regular meeting that lasted 5 minutes. The purpose of that meeting was to appoint new trustees to fill two of the three open board positions. Both Kristen Goggins and John Tin Mak were unanimously approved by the board.

Annual Meeting Minutes 10/7/15

  • Attendance
    • Board members in attendance: Lou DeCuzzi, Toby Foote, Deby Geyer, Linda Guinta, John Tin Mak, Kristen Goggins
    • Board members not in attendance: Jennifer Skomski, Nick Galioto
    • Only eight board members in existence currently; one open/empty position on the board
  • Financials
  • Parks Report
    • Jim Marks, our contracted lawn care maintenance guy, has been doing an excellent job with the parks, and continues to post regular pictures on the Benjamin Farm Homeowners Facebook group for people to see what’s going on; homeowner reported weeds around playground equipment, which Jim knows about and will be addressing Saturday during his big fall clean-up
    • Nick Galioto, our HOA Parks Trustee, was not in attendance, but provided an update for the meeting; Nick likes the work Jim is doing, the path refinishing is looking nice but noticed existing cracks haven’t been filled in; high-school kids hanging out after dark in park; bricks under park benches and trash-can lids have been moved or taken and Jim Marks has had to replace them
  • Old business
    • Street signs painted this year by the homeowners – recognizing Mike Bottger, Linda Guinta, Dave (Linda’s husband), Toby Foote, Dale on Uxbridge/Theora, and Lynn, as well as another homeowner that we don’t have their name. Thank you!
  • New business
    • Revamped website – HOA will include meeting minutes and financials here going forward
    • Gas lamps – many non-functioning gas lamps; Jim Marks (our parks contractor) will be commissioned to compile a list of homeowner addresses with non-functioning lamps and report this data back to the board; the board will send letters to homeowners to fix by April 1, 2016 or board will fix it for them and bill for services; unanimously approved by board
    • Basketball court – resident asked for new net, hoop, backboard, and pole; another resident asked the entire basketball court be torn up; board discussed and decided to proceed with plan already in-place to seal the blacktop; Jim Horn, a homeowner in attendance, spoke up that he knows a company called Snyder & Associated that can probably correct the leaning basketball poles, Jim or company will reach out to the board with more information
    • Fast traffic on Benjamin – resident asked for speed bumps on Benjamin; we live on city streets, so HOA can’t do that, nor was the board interested because it would affect snow plowing on Benjamin; most of the board agreed that traffic was fast on Benjamin, so Lou DeCuzzi proposed a Slow Children sign and small speed trap sign; BPD can supply the small speed trap sign for no-cost for temporary basis, but Slow Children sign will probably need to be purchased, so we capped a purchase of this sign at $500; board unanimously approved
    • Facebook sign – Lou DiCuzzi requested a low-cost sign to placed near entrance of development to promote the Benjamin Farm Homeowners Facebook group in effort for more residents to be able to talk about potential maintenance issues; capped sign purchase at $25; board unanimously approved
    • BBQ grills – resident requested the grills be removed; board removed some grills last year, but 2-3 of the best grills from last year were not removed; board is unaware of anyone ever using them throughout the year; board wasn’t aware they were is terrible shape, so board will ask Jim Marks to look at grills and report back to the board
  • Special thanks
    • There was a big shout-out to an unknown young man who has been seen collecting and taking out the park trash to the curb on Tuesday night; it’s possible the young man could be contracted by Jim Marks to do this work, regardless the board was very appreciative and wanted to thank him

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