Meeting Minutes 5/22/2014

Annual Meeting 2014

Benjamin Farms Homeowners Association – Meeting Minutes
May 22, 2014 Buehler’s Community Room

Louis DeCuzzi – HOA President
Keith Papa – HOA Treasurer
Kevin Fink – HOA Secretary
Deby Geyer – HOA Trustee
Linda Guinta – Benjamin Farms Resident
Ryan Hayden – Benjamin Farms Resident
Jason Sarris – Benjamin Farms Resident
Jennifer Skomski – Benjamin Farms Resident
Rae Sullivan – Benjamin Farms Resident

• Meeting commenced at 7:00 P.M.
• Lou opened with a brief overview of the committee, and noted that many positions on the board were up for appointment/election.

Parks Report:
• There was no formal park report.

ARC Report:
• There was no formal ARC report.

Treasurer’s Report:
• As of December 31, 2013 we have $43,620.94 in total current assets.
• By law the HOA must maintain a 10% reserve allocation.

New Business:
• Concern voiced over the state of the park/playground (tables flipped/broken, missing swing).
• Concern voiced about overgrown common property on Elmer Dr.
• Noted that the LED sign issue is dormant but not necessarily dead.
• Question raised on whether or not an HOA is required. (Required per deed of property).
• Call made for volunteers to fill board positions. Lou has job descriptions available.
• The 2015/2016 budget was presented for approval. Motion was made for approval by Keith, seconded by Deby, and received unanimous approval.
• Motion made by Lou to outsource some treasurer duties to independent firm, seconded by Deby, and received unanimous approval.
• Motion made by Kevin to elect Deby as treasurer, seconded by Lou, and received unanimous approval.
• Motion made by Keith to elect Jennifer Skomski as secretary, seconded by Kevin, and received unanimous approval.
• Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Keith, seconded by Kevin and and received unanimous approval.
Meeting adjourned at 7:40PM.
This meeting was advertised in advance as the annual meeting open to the public.