Meeting Minutes 6/7/2012

Attendees: Louis DeCuzzi, Kevin Fink, Debbie Geyer, Keith Papa, Ryan Smalley


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. Minutes from the November 17, 2011 meeting were motioned for approval by Ryan Smalley, and seconded by Keith Papa. Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

ARC Report:

  • One (1) fence approved.
  • One (1) shed approved.

Parks Report:

  • Reminded that park lawn maintenance contract is in effect through 2013.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • As of June 6, 2012 aged schedule shows $9,350.56 in outstanding HOA dues for 2012.
  • As of June 6, 2012 aged schedule shows $3,203.20 in outstanding HOA dues for prior years.
  • Total Liabilities & Equity as of December 31, 2011: $27,106.04
  • Currently have roughly one (1) years dues in reserve.
  • Letters for past due houses are printed and going out.
  • Keith will track ownership of past due houses so board can determine if it is worth legal/ collection fees to pursue previous owners for previous HOA dues. Cost to pursue is roughly $400.00 for attorneys and collections.

New Business:

  • Current Parks Trustee is moving so replacement is needed. Ryan stated he would mention it to prior board member. Debbie stated she could take over if no one else could.
  • HOA meetings are tentatively scheduled for 2nd Thursday of every other month. Next meeting is scheduled for August 9th, 2012; location to be determined.
  • The “Dinosaur” playground was discussed to determine if any parts were missing. It was noted that it seemed to be properly equipped, though the board members could not determine if all parts were 100% there.
  • The Lamp Post replacement initiative was reviewed. It was noted that a great deal of non- functioning lamps have been replaced with one of the alternatives proposed. Kevin volunteered to walk Elmer Dr. to note non-conformant residences; Ryan volunteered to walk front of development to note non-conformant residences. Findings will be emailed to the board.
  • HOA web page was discussed. The content needs to be reviewed for currency and accuracy. Kevin volunteered to complete this review.
  • Utility access drive on Theora (or Edgar?) Dr. was discussed.

— Lou proposed a two (2) post and spanning chain secure access boundary be

installed. Debbie motioned to approve, Ryan seconded. Unanimous vote

provided to approve.

  • Ryan stated that street sign posts were looking degraded. All agreed. Ryan will send email to city manager to determine if the City could be of help in replacing street sign posts.
  • Lou noted he had received a plea from a resident to have his lamp post grandfathered in to the new replacement policy. This resident had replaced his gas lamp post with an alternative light years ago, and is providing sufficient light. Debbie motioned to grandfather this resident’s lamp replacement into approval, Ryan seconded, and unanimous approval was provided by vote.

Motion was made to adjourn meeting (Lou). Motion was seconded (Keith). Meeting adjourned at 7:45PM.

This meeting was open to the public.

Next meeting is Thursday, August 9th, 2012.