Meeting Minutes 11/17/2011


  • Louis DeCuzzi
  • Kevin Fink
  • Toby Foote
  • Debbie Geyer
  • Sam Mangano
  • Keith Papa


Meeting was called to order at 7:13 P.M.

ARC Report:

There was no ARC Committee report.

Parks Report:    

  • Report on a concern expressed by a resident over a dead evergreen tree (1 of 10) which had been planted last year. NLCI was notified in April, with no response. A second attempt at contact yielded no response.
  • No more graffiti has been reported.
  • Broken rails of split rail fence have been fixed.
  • One springloaded rocking horse has been reported as broken. It is still useable, but only has one handle.
  • The lawn maintenance contract has been renewed for 2 more years (2012, 2013).

Treasurer’s Report:        

  • Bank balance: $25,069.42
  • Outstanding HOA dues: $6,591.18 (23 houses)
  • Past due notices are already printed and are sent out every other week.
  • Houses with greater than $1,000.00 past due amount will be forwarded to a collections agency in January 2012.

New Business: 

  • It was noted that some non-functioning gas lamps have been repaired, although many still remain out. The HOA has the authority to fix broken lamps and bill the homeowners.
  • Proposal for replacement made by Lou (see below):
    • Survey of broken lamps on Benjamin Dr will be performed by Sam; nonconforming house addresses will be turned over to HOA.
    • Non-conforming houses will be given letter stating they need to replace lamps December 31, 2011.
    • Those houses that still have not replaced lamps by December 31, 2011 will have the solar lamp replaced by HOA contractor. This expense will cost roughly $189.00 – $200.00 plus shipping. Homeowner will then be billed for expense.
    • HOA will not incur an expense of more than $1,000.00 at a time.
    • Motion was made to put the above proposal to a vote (Sam).
      • Motion was seconded (Toby).
        • Motion passed unanimously.
        • Lou researched the issue of a potential vote to change rules regarding tree planting on tree lawns. This would require a change in the by-laws which would require a 51% vote by all homeowners. No changes are being pursued.

Open Forum:

  • The attorney representing the LED sign/billboard contingent would like to schedule a date to walkthrough the proposed site. The attorney had stated in a previous meeting that she would attend tonight’s meeting, however she did not attend.
  • Two Brunswick City Councilmen – Elect (Mike Abella Jr.; Keith Housley) were present for the meeting. They excused themselves prior to meeting commencement, upon realization that the LED sign/billboard attorney was not in attendance.

Motion was made to adjourn meeting (Lou). Motion was seconded (Toby).

Meeting adjourned at 7:45PM.

This meeting was not open to the public.

Next meeting is Thursday, January 19th.