Board Meeting – May 2011 – Park Update

At the BFHOA board meeting on May 19th, the park abuse was the main topic of discussion among the board and a few other concerned residents. A representative from the Brunswick Police, our Mayor and fellow BFHOA resident, Gary Werner and new city manager, Jim Lukas were in attendance as well.

A couple points that were brought up at the meeting:

  • The park has had spray paint and other graffiti show up twice in the last year
  • Litter in the park and on the street is a major issue as seen in these 2 pictures [pic 1] [pic 2] (note: taken on separate days, a week apart) Shirts, shoes, cups and other containers are being left carelessly and purposely behind on the bench, grounds and in trees.
  • Vulgar language is not appreciated by the residents that border the park and are playing with their kids in the park
  • 10-15 cars parked along the front area of Benjamin during afternoon rush hour is a major safety concern.  A child was hit by a car in this area just last year.
  • Police visited the park just prior to the meeting and determined that of the 24 basketball players, only 5 of them lived inPark Placeat Benjamin Farm. A clear violation of our bylaws which state only residents are permitted in the park.
  • 3 homes in the area were burglarized, and multiple cars were broken into in the last 12 months.  Both in our neighborhood and the adjacent developments.  The board feels this is in direct correlation to the increase of outside individuals passing through the area.

To combat these problems, effective immediately, one of the rims will be removed from the court this week and a sign will be posted with this information.  If the individuals who play ball there want the rim back, they will need to start following the rules of the park and rules of plain decency  –  no vulgarity, no littering, no trespassing, cut back on cars parked out front