Meeting Notes 5/19/2011

Welcome – Roll Call – All present Notes from last meeting reviewed and approved

ARC Committee:  Reported 1 porch approval Parks Committee: Reported decision made to remove one basketball hoop based on park issues.  Will revisit at later date.

Treasurer Report: unavailable

  • Still 12 houses with past due dues will be turned over for collections
  • Send collections letter to each home non-certified so they can see the ramifications
  • Approved by unanimous vote

New Business

  1. Motion to open the meeting to the public
  2. Appointment of new treasurer – Keith Papa
  3. Proposal for new accounting software – passed unanimously
  4. Proposal for Electric and solar lamp post – passed unanimously (see link – [ Approved lamp posts list ] – for lamps which are approved for replacement.  Only model listed in attachment in black are approved for use.  The solar light is simply a topper for the posts which makes it a home owner change.)
  5. Proposal for repair notices on gas lamps – passed unanimously
  6. Park issue and resolutions.  Lt. Olin, Gary Werner, Mayor and Jim Lukas, City Manager spoke about what we can do as a community with the park issues

New election of trustees If we have new volunteers, 1 new member needed Kevin Fink voted in.  Assigned to secretary position

Open Forum

Closing Statements / Meeting Adjourned