Meeting Notes 3/10/2011

Annual Meeting

Board In attendance: Louis DeCuzzi , Toby Foote , Keith Papa , Deby Geyer, Ryan Smalley, Sam Mangano

Not In Attendance Heather Horn

Notes from Last meeting review: none to review

ARC Committee: Report no new items

Parks Report:

  • Beaver Dam cleaned out
  • Landscaping out for bid new contractor chosen
  • Bids received for play ground mulch and will get done next month
  • Entrance sign will be cleaned up and re planted

Treasurers Report: See print outs

Budget for 2011 and 2012 reviewed

Based on current expenditures and aging equipment our expenses would exceed income

◦12 Properties have yet to pay Dues for 1 to 3 years all over 2 years will be turned over for collections

  1. Resolution passed unanimously to raise association fees.
  2. Resolution passed only to maintain 1 park. West end will eventually be all grass area. As fixtures/benches etc need maintenance, they will not be replaced due the to expense and budget restraints

IE: Pavilion will not be replaced at paths end or benches as they deteriorate.

Major expenditures

◦Additional trash cans put on hold.

New elections for trustees: No new elections

Meeting Schedules for 2011: Are as follows 5/11/2011 , 7/21/2011, 9/15/2011, 11/17/2011

Closing Statements/Adjourn Meeting